Character Stickers | Judy | Erin Condren | AS110

This will include 17 Character Stickers for Erin Condren Planner, Happy Planner, and other planners.

You will receive 17 Judy Character Bundle Stickers kiss cut on a single sheet.

Sticker Sheet Size: Approx. 3.8" X 4.3"

<Actual Sticker Size>

  • Run errands: Approx. 0.90” X 0.48”
  • Mommy power: Approx. 0.84” X 0.53”
  • Never ending work: Approx. 0.82” X 0.49”
  • Tackling my long to do list: Approx. 0.86” X 0.57”
  • self-care: Approx. 0.76” X 0.49”
  • failure is okay: Approx. 0.72” X 0.55”
  • Long day: Approx. 1.0” X 0.57”
  • never ever give up: Approx. 0.75” X 0.52”
  • Don’t bother me: Approx. 0.68” X 0.54”
  • I can do anything everything: Approx. 0.88” X 0.61”
  • Monday blues: Approx. 0.84” X 0.50”
  • Hustle Bustle: Approx. 0.79” X 0.64”
  • Fri-yay: Approx. 0.69” X 0.57”
  • Family Time: Approx. 0.72” X 0.51”
  • Don’t be hard on yourself: Approx. 0.79” X 0.50”
  • Never too late: Approx. 0.62” X 0.50”
  • Laughter Therapy: Approx. 0.72” X 0.54”

Kiss cut: Ready to use

Our planner stickers are photographed with the matte sticker paper.


These cute stickers are very functional and perfect for decorating any planners!
They are printed on high-quality paper with vibrant colors and kiss cut for ready to stick to your favorite planners.
You and Me Stickers

* Please note that printed colors may appear different depending on the computer monitor and paper type.
* Colors appear vibrant on both Matte, Glossy.
* The color may appear a bit lighter on Clear paper.


You can choose from the following types of sticker paper:

* Matte Paper (NON-Removable): It has a smooth, matte, velvety finish and easily writable with all sorts of pens and pencils.

This paper is thicker than other matte sticker paper.
The adhesive is non-removable.

* Glossy Paper (NON-Removable): Photo-like finish with a smooth surface.

Permanent markers are suggested for writing on this paper.
The adhesive is non-removable.

* Clear Paper (NON-Removable): Translucent with a matte finish and velvety feel.

You and Me Stickers




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