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This will include Week Day Stickers for Erin Condren Planner, Happy Planner, Bullet Journal, TN, Recollection Planners and all other planners.
You will receive 3 sets of Colorful Week Day Stickers including Weekend, Notes, smiley face Stickers kiss cut on a single sheet.

- 3 Monday
- 3 Tuesday
- 3 Wednesday
- 3 Thursday
- 3 Friday
- 3 Saturday
- 3 Sunday
- 2 Weekend
- 2 Notes
- 2 Smiley Face

Sticker Sheet Size: Approx. 3.8" X 4.25"

Actual Each Sticker Size:

- Monday: Approx. 0.81" X 0.41"

- Tuesday: Approx. 0.85" X 0.35"

- Wednesday: Approx. 1.13" X 0.41"

- Thursday: Approx. 0.97" X 0.39"

- Friday: Approx. 0.69" X 0.39"

- Saturday: Approx. 0.98" X 0.39"

- Sunday: Approx. 0.78" X 0.40"

- Weekend: Approx. 0.64" X 0.41"

- Notes: Approx. 0.29" x 0.47"

Kiss cut: Ready to use
These stickers are photographed with the matte sticker paper.


These Letters stickers can be used for Erin Condren, Happy Planner, Bullet Journal and any other planners!
They are printed on high-quality paper with vibrant colors and kiss cut for ready to stick to your favorite planners.
These stickers are perfect for daily use, weekly spread for any planners, and a reminder.
Be creative and enjoy these stickers!

* Please note that printed colors may appear different depending on the computer monitor and paper type.
* Colors appear vibrant on both Matte, Glossy and Clear papers.


You can choose from the following types of sticker paper:

* Matte Paper (NON-Removable): It has a smooth, matte, velvety finish and easily writable with all sorts of pens and pencils.

This paper is thicker than other matte sticker paper.
The adhesive is non-removable.

* Glossy Paper (NON-Removable): Photo-like finish with a smooth surface.

Permanent markers are suggested for writing on this paper.
The adhesive is non-removable.

* Clear Paper (NON-Removable): Translucent with a matte finish and velvety feel.


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We try to have orders ready and shipped out as soon as possible.


Please make sure the shipping address is correct before placing an order.
We are not responsible for returned products due to an incorrect shipping address.
Customers shall be responsible for re-shipping the product.


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